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Difficulty level: Very High

Total Time Required: 2 days

The official Rear View Camera Badge, which will be called RVC for short, can be installed exclusively in Volkswagen cars.

Difficulty level: Quite High

Total Time Required: 6 Hours

Folding mirrors are part of the Lights & Sights package as an extra choice when buying a new VAG Group car.

Difficulty level: High

Total Time Required: 12 Hours

In this DIY, we present you the installation of lights and sights package in a VW EOS car. The retrofit of auto-folding mirrors is described in another DIY due to cost, time and difficulty.

Fiscon Basic + is an alternative version of the Kufatec bluetooth handsfree for VW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Scoda, Seat and Lamborghini.

It is considered better than the factory bluetooth, as it provides extra features, supports more phones and accepts upgrades to its software.

The RNS-510 is one of the best car multimedia systems. It is manufactured by VDO Continental and used by Volkswagen. It can be connected with numerous different peripheral accesories in VW, Scoda and Seat cars. It has been replaced by Discover Media / Composition Media in 2014.

Difficulty level: Medium

Total Time Required: 3 Hours

This DIY article shows step by step the installation of the microphone, the clamshell auxiliary buttons and the fiscon basic-plus bluetooth as well as the activation of the RNS-510 voice commands.

RNS-510 can be controlled with your voice using a special microphone. In that way, you can switch stations on the radio, select songs on the SD card, CD-MP3 or HDD and navigate to a new or existing route without having to watch the screen and distracting you from driving.

Difficulty level: Minor

Total Time Required: 1 1/2 Hours

If you are currently searching to upgrade your car head unit, RNS-510 is one of the top solutions for you and the retrofit is almost plug-n-play.