RNS Voice Control

RNS Voice Control

RNS-510 can be controlled with your voice using a special microphone. In that way, you can switch stations on the radio, select songs on the SD card, CD-MP3 or HDD and navigate to a new or existing route without having to watch the screen and distracting you from driving.

rns510-voice control

Also, using the factory bluetooth or fiscon basic +, you can make calls easily and quickly, view call history, listen to your phone contacts, redial,

rns510-bluetooth-voice control

With voice control, you can generally say anything on the screen. Either tell "help" to see a list of available options. You can also see a list of voice commands here. List of commands:

  • Map
  1. Zoom Out
  2. Zoom In
  3. *Change Map Type
    1. 2D
    2. 3D
    3. Traffic
  4. *Setup Scale
    1. "one mile"
    2. "seven hundreed feet"
    3. "zero point twenty-five miles"
    4. etc.
  5. Split Screen
    1. compass
    2. position map
    3. GPS viewer
  • Radio
  1. Preset [1]
  2. FM Band
  3. SAT Band
  4. Station List
  5. Frequency [nine one point five]
  6. Channel [alt nation]
  1. Enter new destination
    1. City Center
    2. Place
    3. Address
    4. Home
    5. [any pre-recorded voice tag you made]
  2. Remaining Distance
  3. Time of Arrival
  4. Stop Route Guidance

You can watch the video below to learn how to enter a new navigation path.

Things are simplified if you want to navigate to a saved destination:

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