Bluetooth Fiscon Plus by Kufatec

Presentation of Bluetooth Fiscon Plus by Kufatec

Fiscon Basic + is an alternative version of the Kufatec bluetooth handsfree for VW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Scoda, Seat and Lamborghini.

It is considered better than the factory bluetooth, as it provides extra features, supports more phones and accepts upgrades to its software.

We tested it on a 2009 VW car with RNS-510 and i-phone 3GS with iOS 5.0.1 and we list our findings. We came to the market for this aftermarket solution because it offered more features than other bluetooth handsfree kits.

fiscon-menu    fiscon-rns510-dial

 Fiscon Basic+ Capabilities

Collaboration with RNS-510, RNS-310, RCD-510 factory to display on-screen phone information.

View phone information on the FIS screen in front of the steering wheel.

Multifunction steering wheel support.

Phonebook upload from phone.

View Signal Provider and Signal Quality.

Ability to read and send SMS messages (this feature is not supported by all phones, such as i-phones)

Automatic pause of music and voice playback from car speakers.

Support up to 5 simultaneously connected mobile phones.

Display of additional indicators for cars with red FIS (oil temperature, water temperature, turbo pressure, battery voltage, liters of gasoline etc.).

Software Upgrade capability.

A2DP technology support for wireless music phone playback.

Microphone, caller and ringtone volume control.

Mute function.

Comparison with the VW OEM bluetooth system


It can be installed in cars of different chronology.

It takes less space, so it can be installed under the sound system.

Microphone sensitivity adjustment.

Software upgrade capability for collaboration with newer mobile phone models.

The installation is almost Plug-n-Play, no programming is required.


You need to reinstall the microphone as the factory microphone is not supported.

There were some compatibility problems with the iphone. The fiscon bluetooth basic + interpolated and "turned" the audio system into the phone mode for a few seconds while we were operating the iphone (unlocking, sending a message, etc.). Also, if the iphone was plugged into the media-in before the fiscon was started and we were trying to play music, then the A2DP function interfered with making it impossible to play music.

The upgrading of fiscon software in the latest version has limited but did not eliminate the specific problems.



Fiscon basic + was placed under the RNS-510 and connected to the plug-n-play plug-in. The microphone came directly below the ceiling, since the space for the microphone was occupied by the factory microphone. We ended up in this position because it offers the best sound quality, the microphone is away from the speakers and also the conversation is not affected by the open window.


The conversation sound was excellent and our interlocutors did not even realize we were talking about the car. Support for the power steering was greatly facilitated and call acceptance / termination was done by the phone button on the steering wheel. Also, the ability to create shortcuts and voice tags (Fiscon works with the RNS-510's voice guidance) makes the outgoing calls even easier.

rns510-bluetooth-voice control

Finally, additional information on water temperature, oil temperature, battery voltage, turbo pressure and fuel liters was a more market-driven incentive.

fiscon-emfa1    fiscon-emfa

The only black spots are the lack of support for Greek characters, so the change in the greeklish of the entire telephone directory of the phone and secondly the installation of a second microphone in a prominent place.

If you are looking to purchase a reliable bluetooth handsfree, we strongly recommend buying this kit.


The official support page can be found here:

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