VW OEM RVC Retrofit

Difficulty level: Very High

Total Time Required: 2 days

The official Rear View Camera Badge, which will be called RVC for short, can be installed exclusively in Volkswagen cars.

It helps to park in difficult places with low visibility and consists of the Volkswagen signal incorporating the camera, which recalls when the driver makes a reverse and returns to his original position after a few seconds after the driver pulls back.

There are many different versions of VW RVC.

Before you begin, you need to make sure which version you want to buy to be compatible with your car. Other cameras are intended for official RNS-315 and RNS-510 multimedia systems and others for third-party audio systems.

In this guide, an effort is made to analyze the installation of the official RVC on a Volkswagen EOS car along with the RNS-510 multimedia system.

IMG 5812s P1110480

IMG 6390 smIMG 6427sm


You must gather all the equipment - tools and read this DIY guide before you begin this project.

This DIY is specifically made for VW EOS cars. The equipment, cable harness and/or connections may be differect in your car.

We will not be held responsible for any damage which may happen to your car by following this guide.

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