VW Lights & Sights Retrofit

VW Lights & Sights Retrofit

Difficulty level: High

Total Time Required: 12 Hours

In this DIY, we present you the installation of lights and sights package in a VW EOS car. The retrofit of auto-folding mirrors is described in another DIY due to cost, time and difficulty.

This packet includes an internal and an external mirror which have a light-sensitive automatic mechanism1 (auto-dimming), a side-view mirror which dips to assist reverse parking 2, "Coming home"3 and "Leaving home"4 functions, rain sensor5 and light sensor6. Also, the side mirrors are power folding7 and they have a perimetric lighting system8.

In the following guide, we try to present the installation of this packet to a Volkswagen EOS car.

auto-switch auto-car

Convenience-fis lights-n-vision-fis

1: The mirrors dim automatically if a car has ON its high beam headlights or its headlights are not correctly adjusted.

2: Co-driver's side mirror is adjusted such as it changes position automatically in order to assist reverse parking, so the pavement is visible by the driver.

3: By unlocking the car, the car lights open for an X desired time. The light sensor triggers the lights only in law light conditions.

4: By locking the car, the car lights open for an Y desired time if the driver activates the process.

5: The rain sensor activates automatically the windscreen wipers and regulates their speed according to the amount of rain. Also, it closes automatically any opened windows and the sunroof, provided the function "auto rain closure" is already enabled.

6: The light sensor enables the headlights under low light conditions.

7: The side mirrors fold and unfold automatically using a switch.

8: The perimetric lighting system is triggered by the functions "Coming home"3 και "Leaving home"4.

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